These two posters (above) are a homage to Igor Stravinky's classical works "Rite of Spring" and "Firebird Suite." Having played both as a violinist I wanted to capture the rush of Rite of Spring and the somber reflection of the Firebird. I used watercolor to create primal shapes and spray paint as a later under cutouts of the actual sheet music.
With everyone shifting work and social habits I aimed to make a series of mindful posters about social and self wellness. These don't focus directly on the current global pandemic, but about looking within at our emotions and connecting. I kept the pallet to three colors to indicate the simplicity of working with what we have at home. 
My goal for the above poster, made for the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Wisconsin, was to focus in on the insects and micro life at the sanctuary. I anticipated a themed fundraiser and designed around the idea of transformation using caterpillar-trail shaped typography, and imagery of nesting and cocoons.
The Beach Boys has always been one of my favorite bands. I wanted to capture what my parent's generation would have felt like hearing them for the first time. I used restored photographs and elements that would have been found in film media at the time to create this poster.
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